Kalank: trailer out...the promising tale of epic love quest and drama

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After Comming across all the mesmerising first look posters featuring all character, the exciting teaser and songs namely "Ghar More Pardesiya", "First Class" & "Kalank - Title Track" the makers of "KALANK" have revealed the trailer.

Featuring Madhuri Dixit as "Bahaar Begum", Sonakshi Sinha as "Satya Chaudhry", Alia Bhatt as "Roop", Varun Dhawan as "Zafar", Aditya Roy Kapur as "Dev Chaudhry", and (last but not the least) Sanjay Dutt as "Balraj Chaudhry" as the lead characters.

Other actors like Kunal Khemu & Hiten Tejwani are also included in the star cast. Actresses namely Kriti Sanon & Kiara Advani have a special appearance in two songs of the film.

The plot is set in the 'pre Independence era'. The story can be predicted from the trailer, where it begins with  Roop [Alia] marring Dev [Aditya] who's already married to Satya [Sonakshi].

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Then Zafar [Varun] falls in love with Roop [Alia] despite knowing her marital status. Then the love soon transfers to romance & lust. Roop miserably manages between Zafar & Dev.

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Then Dev and his family came to know about their secret relationship. Dev's father Balraj [Dutt] warns Zafar. Bahar Begum [Madhuri] says in the trailer that unlawful relations always lead to destruction.
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Then some action sequences are featured starring Zafar, [Kunal khemu] and Dev. Even Balraj slaps Zafar in a scene.

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The trailer ends by Zafar saying that Roop's love is his right and anyhow he will gain it. 

Also, the iconic train scene from DDLJ (Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge) is recreated in the movie where Roop is standing on the moving train's door and Zafar runs on the platform to hold her hand, but Dev (in the train) holds another hand of Roop and trailer ends.  

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Seems a promising tale of epic love quest and drama, is the producer Karan Johar's dream project. The film was conceptualized by the Late Yash Johar.

The producer and son of Late Yash Johar, Karan Johar has been working on the film for 15 long years and now he is on the floor with the final product.

The movie will be released on 17th April 2019 worldwide.  

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