iPhone "recycled": Apple's very appreciable footstep towards e-pollution control... all thanks to "Daisy" [the robot]

Image credit: Cult of Mac
Apple is one of the most admired and unique electronic device manufacturer globally. Their products have a special class of users. Even an apple product marks the status of the user.

Holding this credibility in a hand Apple now holds the Environmental Report-2019 in other. Recently Apple has presented 2019 Environmental Report.

Being a responsible Electronic device manufacturer, Apple also thinks about the adverse effects of wastage old iPhones. 

The iPhones when become useless for the user, than they are just thrown away. The unawareness of the user causes a rise in E-waste, which in turn turns the dumping grounds, toxic.
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Apple has been addressing this issue since quite 5 years and as per Apple, they have recycled above 7.8 million Apple devices.

The disassembling is done totally by an industrial robot dubbed in as Daisy. Apple regains useless iPhones from various trade-ins and recycles them to be further sold at stores all around the US.

Image credit: Apple

And here's a new announcement from Apple...

  • They have pledged to expand the programs of recycling iPhones globally. 
  • Apple will now quadruple the recycling centres all around the US. 
  • They are also setting up a 9,000 sqft recovery lab in Texas' Austin.
Daisy is just incredible. With the speed of 200 Devices per hour, it disassembles 15 iPhones. Really very fast. 

And it has a beautiful ability to separate the different materials like cobalt, aluminium, tin, etc while disassembling and been used further in the manufacturing process. 

Image credit: CNet
The recycled aluminium is used in making the body of MacBook Air & Mac Mini.

In fact, the company has prevented 25.2 metric tonnes of CO from being released in the air in the previous year which is a big record in itself!!! 

The initiative is also making the new products like iPhone 8, X, XS, XS Max & XR more efficient than before.

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