India: Narendra Modi's tough warning to "आतंकिस्तान" [aka Pakistan] first they did, now India threaten them with "MOTHER OF ALL NUCLEAR BOMBS"!!!

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This 2019-General election is been fought on various issues and "Nationalism" is one of them. But post the Pulwama attack and the "बहुत हार्ड" response of our army and government, it has been drawn to make the central issue of elections.

After several opposition parties have been questioning the Air Strike, PM Modi is now openly targeting and questioning them daily in his public meetings all over the country.

He claims that those who are questioning the Air Strike are speaking Pak's language, they support Pakistan and are degrading the जोश of Indian security forces.

Recently PM Modi had targeted Pakistan indirectly in his public packed meeting in Surendranagar, Gujarat by saying that:

we have the mother of nuclear bombs. I decided to tell them, do whatever you want to do

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He also said that Pak's Nuclear warnings are their Nuclear bluffs. 

This statement was given by him on the auspicious occasion of Mahavir Jayanti, celebrated as national peace day in India.

Both the enemy nations are nuclear powers since 1998. India is a responsible Nuclear power as Its signed with no first use policy but Pak has not done so.

Pakistan keeps frequently threatening India that it's a nuclear state whenever their terrorist attack in India and India plans to retaliate. And as usual, they did so post Pulwama too.

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But India had not given them a bit chance to respond to the Air Strike. And now Pakistan will definitely have a fear that, if they will make a mistake again then India will retaliate stronger.

The bells of nuclear war rings whenever Pak's Terrorists contempt attack in India and every time western countries majorly supported Pak.

But this time Pakistan is alone, west is with India but they don't want to utter a single word about the probable nuclear dispute...

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