Hubble telescope: Hubble turns 29!!!... know the facts and jaw-dropping discoveries of the wonder

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One of the largest and amazing wonders of NASA in space is the very far visionary "Hubble Space Telescope".

The giant telescope left the Earth on 24th April 1990 and assumed its role on 20th May. The primary objective behind its launch was to discover space shuttles in space.

The space agency NASA/ESA owns it. The lens of Hubble is equally amazing, as it has 2.4 m diameter & 57.6 m focal length.

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It accepts (detects) visible, near-infrared & ultraviolet wavelengths. It revolves in lower earth orbit with a revolving speed of 15.09 revolutions/day. Meanwhile, it has completed above 35,441 revolutions.

It has totally raised the benchmark of observing space elements as clear as possible. Hubble frequently clicks mindblowing images of various space elements millions of light years far away.

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And it plays a phenomenal role in understanding the universe more deeply than ever.

The best thing about the wonder is that it's open for the general public!!!

Yaa, that's just amazing. The operators allow anyone to apply for time on the telescope, whether from any country and with any academic affiliation. But only US institutions can fund for analysis.

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Astronomers too, frequently apply to use it to fulfil their curiosity to study various unbelievable phenomenons.

Hubble marks it's every anniversary with a spectacular photo. And this time it has captured "The Southern Crab Nebula" reminding us the hourglass.

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It's formed by the interaction of two stars. At the intersection area, there's a white dwarf and the unequal red giant is spreading like a shield.

The white dwarf attracts the material if red giant and throws it in the opposite direction.

Other remarkable discoveries by Hubble include the dark brown spots on Jupiter, aurora formation on Saturn's south pole, Fornax constellation, etc captured by it.

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