How to vote?: here's the whole eligibility, requirements & procedure details...

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The Grand Indian General Election-2019 is going on and the voting percentage, as well as long queues outside the polling booths, shows the awareness of Indian citizens.

And it's necessary too. Everyone should make the use of their voting right as they are living in the world's largest democracy and have the right to choose the one who will rule them.

So to cast their vote, first of all, the voter should understand the whole procedure & requirements.


So everyone knows that age limit to vote in India is of 18 years. One who has surpassed their 18th year can use the right to vote.
Other than this the person above 19 years only become a voter if her/his name is in the voter list. If it's not so then he/she can't vote.
So first of all one who's eligible should check her/his name in the list. To verify his/her name before casting their vote they can:
  • Call to 1950 
  • SMS on 1950 with the format -> "<ECI> space <EPIC No>" [EPIC simply means Voter ID Card]
so #GoVerify
There are some requirements for one who's eligible to vote:

REQUIREMENTS: [@ the polling booth]

While going to the polling booth for voting, voters need to carry any of the below-listed documents or IDs in order for their verification at the polling booth:
  • EPIC [Voter ID]
  • Passport
  • Driving License
  • Service ID cards with photograph [those issued by Central/State Govt./PSUs/ Public Limited companies]
  • Bank/Post Office passbooks with the photograph
  • PAN Card
  • Smart Card [those issued by RGI under NPR]
  • MNREGA job card
  • Health insurance smart card [those issued under Labour Ministry's scheme]
  • Pension document [with photograph]

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: The slip with you from the election commission is not a proof, will not be accepted while voting.


But before casting the vote, it's very important to know that for whom they are using the golden right to vote. 
So to know all the details written by the candidate in their affidavit, you can download it from WHERE TO VOTE:
  • Call to 1950 [write STD code before]
  • To get the location of polling booth SMS on 1950 with the format: <ECIPS> space <EPIC No>

VOTING PROCESS: [what @ the polling booth]

  • Firstly check your name in the voter ID list (electoral roll).
  • Then the polling will apply ink on your finger and will give you a slip. You have to also sign in the register.
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    • Then forwardly by showing your inked finger submit the slip to the polling official. 
    • Then you have to vote the candidate if your choice by pressing the button on EVM (Electric Voting Machine)
    • When your vote will cast you will hear a beep sound from EVM.
    • Forwardly a slip displaying Candidate's serial no, Name & Symbol will be visible behind a transparent window of VVPAT (Voter Verifiable paper audit trail) for 7 seconds and then it will drop in a sealed VVPAT box. 
    • The voter can also press the NOTA button on EVM if he/she does not want to give his/her precious vote to any of the contesting candidates.

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    NOTE: Any of the gadgets like mobile phones, cameras, etc are not allowed inside the polling booth

    Do you doubt on EVMs or VVPATs? Then to clear your doubts visit the below link:

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