Hardik Patel: the politician gets slapped on stage in a Surendranagar rally... [when? how?]

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After joining the Congress, Patidar leader Hardik Patel has been frequently in limelight. He wanted to fight 2019 general elections from Jamnagar Lok Sabha seat but was not allowed by the court to do so:

Hardik Patel: His move of joining Congress proved worthless... Guj HC rejects his plea for conviction in 2015 Guj riots

This huge setback ruined his plans to enter Lok Sabha.

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However, Congress made him the star campaigner for Gujarat state. Hardik also got a helicopter from Congress for travelling. He too targeted overall 50 rallies in entire Gujarat state till the election campaign calls off.

Congress wanted him to campaign as he proved extremely beneficial for them in the Gujarat assembly elections-2017 where they were able to reduce the seats of BJP up to two digits.

BJP was badly defeated in Rural Gujarat but somehow it managed to get a thin majority and form the government.

But recently while Hardik was speaking to a rally in Surendranagar, a man hitted him a slap on stage.

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After slapping he said something, Hardik also tried to hit him. Further, the Congress workers first dragged him down the stage and then got him bitten too.
The slapper was taken to police station where Hardik lodged an F.I.R. The slapper injured by the workers there, was taken to hospital.

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Later on, the man was identified as Tarun Gajjar, a BJP worker.

He stated the reason for slapping Hardik that when the Patidar turbulence led by Hardik happened in Gujarat, his wife was pregnant.

He faced many problems in the hospital where her wife was admitted.

Later on, he faced problems while he had gone to get medicine for his child, as on that day Hardik had a rally in Ahmedabad which left the streets of Ahmedabad blocked.

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