Defence: India has now more advanced and mighty Defence technologies... the recent tests and practices have shaken superpowers like USA and China

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The defence is a very important aspect to measure any country's strength, growth, security and its global impression.

Every country has a clear motto in developing its Defence Technologies, either for the self-security (likely no-first-attack) or to threaten other countries in order to expand their territories or spread fear within the citizens.

India is definitely of the first type. It has never attacked first on anyone since Independence and if anyone does it from the opposite side then it is capable to re-attack and gives ten times stronger response.

The recent example is the "Pulwama attack" which martyred our 40 CRPF jawans and India's revenge by conducting Air Strikes in POK. There are also several ways by which the enemy can be responded.

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India's recent successful test of A-SAT missile has proved the country's landmark achievement in Defence technology.

The move has shooked superpowers like USA, China, etc. recently Pentagon specified that they have not spied India's  "Mission Shakti" but experts believe that they did. Pakistan has also expressed deep distress.

Get here the details of the "Mission Shakti" (A-SAT missile program):
India's Anti satellite missile: India glowingly emerges as a global space power... A-SAT tested under "Mission Shakti"

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However, India has already revised the statement that it has developed this capability just for the security purpose, not for spreading threats.

Besides this in the last years, India has shown a huge uprise to develop the country's defence capabilities and all the credit goes to the DRDO as well as ISRO and especially the missile man of India, Late Mr APJ Abdul Kalam.

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Today the country has shown it's concrete preparedness for future war situations. The recent A-SAT test has also shown the country's capability to attack in space.

In recent Years missiles like Bhramos, Dhanush, Astra, Nirbhay, etc and the iconic Agni, Prithvi and K (Kalam) series have proved as an asset for the country and its defence.

Several advanced defence satellites like EMISAT,  GSAT-7, etc have proved beneficial for the country's defence sector.

ISRO has recently launched EMISAT, get here the details:
"ISRO is now open for people" says ISRO chairman: the PSLV-C45/EMISAT MISSION details here

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And this year, beginning from May ISRO will have consecutive launches of defence satellites with strategic importance.

Four new RISAT and one Cartosat-3 satellite will be launched in upcoming months. They will definitely prove as strategic assets for the country and will boost the surveillance capabilities to spy on enemy countries.

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