BJP manifesto: PM Narendra Modi launches Lok sabha-2019 election manifesto, tagged as their "Sankalp patra" [know the key points of it]

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Today at the Bharatiya Janata Party headquarters (11, Ashoka Road, New Delhi), the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has launched party's 2019-Lok Sabha election manifesto Tagged as "Sankalp Bharat Sashakt Bharat".
The manifesto document universally includes the 75 targets or milestones which the ruling government (BJP) promises to achieve till 2022, the 75th year of Indian independence if they again came to power.
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Divided into twelve sections, the manifesto is embedded with some key promises like to spend Rs 100 lakh crore in infrastructure, Abolition of article 370 and article 35-A, Ram Mandir, Shopkeeper pension scheme, etc.

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The twelve sections are listed as:

  1. Nation First
  2. Agriculture & Farmer welfare - doubling farmer's income
  3. India as the world's third-largest economy
  4. Infrastructure - Foundation of new India
  5. Healthy India - Determined India
  6. Good Governance
  7. Yuva Bharat - tomorrow's India
  8. Education for all
  9. Women Empowerment
  10. Inclusive Development
  11. Cultural Heritage
  12. Foreign Policy
Here we are, with the notable and important key points/promises in the world's largest party's election manifesto which is made by inputs and suggestions form 6 crore people:

  • The time period after implementation of GST was a bit tricky for the country because of the questions on taxing rates and especially the "Slabs" of taxes. 
  • BJP has announced that they will revise the tax-slabs and deliver it in the simplest form to the taxpayers.
  • BJP has aimed to hit the $5 trillion economy benchmark till 2025. They have even targeted to make India a $10 trillion economy by 2032.

  • After the shining success of "Ayushman Bharat" yojana, BJP is this time here with the promise of the establishment of 75 new Medical colleges India wide.
  • It promises to open 1.5 lakh health centres and availability of telemedicine & diagnostic lab amenities till 2022.

  • They have promised to increase the number of seats in Management, Science, Engineering and law colleges by 50%
  • The government will focus on learning equality among all the students and teachers will be trained accordingly. They will also encourage the smart class setup in all the schools.
  • They have aimed to open 200 Kendriya-Navodaya Vidhyalayas till 2024.

  • Firstly they have promised to double the income of the ''annadatas" of India by 2022.
  • They have also aimed to initiate a 1 lakh loan availability on a 0% rate of interest with 1-5 year prompt repayment.
  • Party has promised to invest Rs 25 crore in the agriculture sector.

  • The party has promised to take up a zero-tolerance policy upon terrorism.
  • BJP has also aimed to empower the Indian armoury by including the ultramodern and powerful weapons which will, in turn, push the boundaries of the country's defence capabilities.

Jammu & Kashmir:
  • From the very beginning, the party has been a concrete offender of article 370 and article 35-A. 
  • This time also in their manifesto the party has promised to abolish both the Articles from the constitution of  India and make the state of Jammu & Kashmir equal to all the  Indian states in all the aspects.

Ram Mandir:
  • This has been a hot issue for the party since decades and this time too they have promised to get a permanent solution on the issue.
  • As the PM said in an interview a few months ago, that the issue is in the Supreme Court so they will definitely make a strong move on it as it comes out of the court.
  • Party has promised to deliver a solution without hurting the sentiments of any of the communities and within the frame of the constitution.
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