Avengers Endgame: a five minute footage leaked on social media... and Marvel, the saviour gets it removed [Know what was exactly in it]

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There are just eight days left for the arrival of the last pearl of Marvel's "Avengers" franchise and there's no doubt in it that it has been a global sensation since the release of the first part.

Are you a fan of Marvel and especially of Avengers???

It has an unpredictable fanbase worldwide. There were end number of fan theories following the release of Avengers: Infinity War. 

I too came across such theories, some of them seemed definitely possible to me & some were just ****

By the way, before the scheduled release of endgame, Marvel following their marketing strategies is frequently releasing certain short clips, posters, interviews of the actors in the movie, etc on social platforms like:

"The special Look"

"Glimpses of all the Marvel movies in a single video"

But here's a piece of bad news!!!

A video clip from the movie was recently leaked on social media. It was reportedly a recorded video from the premier event of the movie.

As the subtitles in it were of Arabic language and the theatre seats were visible in the inspection. Have you come across the leaked video or tried to hunt it on social media???

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But Marvel treated the video with a quick response by getting it removed from the social media.

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The director duo of the film, the Russo brothers also urged fans to stay away from the pirated video and experience the final product in cinemas on 26th of May!!!

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But its not over here!!!

We all are an Avenger fan and I absolutely understand your feelings. So I would every day give you a minute update about the film... 

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