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Google I/O

Google, every year during the first to the second week of May, plans their own developer's event in which they flaunt their latest development rather it be software or hardware or phones.

This year, it's planned to happen from 7th May(Tuesday) to 9th May(Thursday) and it's gonna be held at shoreline Amphitheatre, California, USA.

So the big update will be on the newer OS:

Android Q:

Source: Official Android Q website

We have seen so far 2 beta previews of the newest offerings from Google (Android Q) but, they are only limited to their flagship Pixel lineup only (Hence Exclusivity from the other Smartphone manufacturer).

Google Pixel Lineup Update

Talking about smartphones Google is rumoured to be releasing their latest Mid-Ranger smartphones named as Pixel 3A and Pixel 3A XL.

Source: Youtube

More about that smartphones are rumoured to be talked about on Google I/O event. Though this smartphone will be mid-range we could see some great processor in it for better gaming experience from the market growing need towards it.

A new video with official launch date(8th May IST) has been confirmed by Google itself.

Here they have also teased an ad with collaboration with Avengers: Infinity War. Would love to see how they have managed the AR capabilities with the already cool smartphone to make it cooler with an exclusive pack of Avengers only for Pixel users.

Google Stadia

It is rumoured that Google will be also showcasing their latest Console Killer Google Stadia in the event.

If you want to know more about Google Stadia then click the link below for more information:

That's all the rumours we have known so far about the event and it will be unfolded soon on 7th May.

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