Stadia [by google]: the new gaming platform... [know it's breathtaking features]

Image source: Wikipedia 
Image source: Wikipedia 

On 19th March 2019, Google introduced its new cloud gaming subscription service popularly known as 'Google stadia'. It has set a tough competition with Microsoft's Project xCloud and Sony's PlayStation Now service in the international market in no time. 

Users could easily access it through their Google chrome browsers and stream in any game along with global gaming platforms like Unreal, unity, etc.

It will make the gamers relief from certain hardware required to play the game. You just require an Internet connection, support for Google Chrome and you are on!

It will support high-dynamic-range video games to players via their (Google's) numerous data centres across the globe, streaming with 4K resolution clarity (shifted from 1080p) and at 60 frames/sec, plus SDR & surround sound.

They also anticipate eventually to reach 120 frames/sec and that too at 8K resolution.

It will operate with Linux OS and The API (application programming interface) Vulkan.

And as chrome is Google's own, gamers will regularly receiving the latest tech advances in Google datacentre.

This all the online games could be controlled by "Stadia Controller" itself. Take a look here:
Image source: Engadget

It will link to the game conclave through Wi-Fi by identifying the device in which the game is running in the datacentre by subscribing there. 

By this new amenity, players will not have to download new content (ex: updates) to their personal devices, the virtual cloud will store them.

Even the gamers can share and save their gaming experience directly in Youtube and it will also be at 4K resolution and 60 frames/sec. The controller will also have Google assistant button.

The assistant button will help the player at any time while playing the game, it directly gets results of how to solve the stage, level or puzzle at the moment.

For this effort, Google has jointly (with AMD) created a custom GPU for stadia, that in 10.7teraflops (unit of computing speed).

Google will also form Stadia Games & Entertainment, which will develop its own games and help the transition of the third party titles to stadia's service.

Initial games to be released on stadia are Assassin's Creed Odyssey and Doom Eternal.
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