Link aadhaar with PAN: Get here the two ways linking aadhaar with PAN

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Recently, the Income Tax Department has pushed forward the deadline of linking PAN card with aadhaar card. Initially, it was supposed to end on 31st March but now the deadline is shifted forward by 6 months on 30th September.

The deadline has been pushed forward many times, as they want to ensure that more and more aadhaar cards get linked with PAN cards, which would in turn benefit the public.

Why the aadhar-PAN link is important:

  • If the link is not done than the PAN card holder cant do transition above Rs 50,000.
  • After the completion of the deadline, all the unlinked PANs with aadhar will be deactivated.
  • The PAN card holder would not be able to file the Income tax return.
  • The government has made the link essential.
There are two Ways to link: 
  1. Linking online
  2. Linking through SMS
1) Linking online:

this is available on the Income Tax India's website:
when you will click on the above link following page will open:

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There click one of the left panel links click on "
 Link Aadhaar":
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A new window will appear where you have to enter your PAN, aadhaar no & your name (as same as on aadhaar card)

If you have only birth year in aadhaar card then click on "I have only year of birth in my aadhaar card".

After filling all the details & clicking link aadhaar, a message will pop up indicating successful link of PAN with aadhaar. 

NOTE: Above procedure is useful only for them who have logged in their respective accounts.
So those who have not done so have to follow other procedure:

Register on income tax e filing portal (ignore if you have did so)

Log in by entering login id, password and DOB (date of birth)

After logging in go to profile settings => Link aadhaar

Fill in the details as the following window appears:
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After filling all the details & clicking link aadhar, a message will pop up indicating successful link of PAN with aadhaar. 

2) Linking through SMS:

For this process of linking the PAN, the holder has to type an SMS in the following format:

UIDPAN<SPACE><12 digit Aadhaar><Space><10 digit PAN>

The SMS has to be sent on number 56161 or 567678

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