Manohar Parrikar: Goodbye...Mr.common man "the gully boy of Goa"

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An IITan who broke into politics and not a firebrand but a calm & decent face who fixed BJP in Goa, witnessed the path from a chief minister to a member of parliament and successively leading India's most sensitive ministry (defence), but still leaved a life of a common man has met his maker. Today we pray for his soul to rest in peace.

  • Born in 1955 to a middle-class Brahmin family in Mapusa Goa, had his early education at Margao and chose IIT-Bombay for graduating in metallurgical engineering. (hence he's called first IITan to become an MLA).
  • He joined the Rashtriya Sayamsevak Sangh (RSS) at a young age which made him a chief instructor in the final years of his schooling.
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    • After graduating from IIT, at the age of 26, he managed between running a private business and a representative of RSS in his hometown.
    • RSS seconded him to BJP where he gained political momentum and became a leader of opposition in Goa-LA for the first time. He then didn't look back. Under his leadership and guidance, BJP won Goa assembly election-2000 which made him CM of Goa for the first time.
    • He resigned in tenure of two years. Nextly in the same year, he was re-elected as Goa's CM. But in 2005, his government was reduced to a minority which led him to leave the chair.
    • Re-elected in 2012 his party formed the government in Goa with their allies. Praaikar was the first who kept forward the name of Narendra Modi as a PM candidate from BJP in 2014-Lok Sabha elections and party accepted it.
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      • In 2014-Lok Sabha elections, BJP won both the Goa constituency. Modi called him Delhi and handpicked him to lead the defence ministry (India's most "sensitive" ministry).
      • He entered the Indian Parliament in 2014 as a member of Rajya Sabha from Uttar Pradesh and served successfully for roughly three years.
      • In November 2016, Parrikar was the first to raise a question about why India should bind itself to the no first nuke use policy. He was also a member of the planning committee of the Surgical Strikes which was carried out by Indian Army in POK in 2017.
      • In March 2017 BJP failed to gain a majority in Goa assembly elections. BJP's allies agreed for the support to form a government if and only if Parrikar returns as Goa's CM. Finally, Goa called him back and he had sworn in again as Goa's CM for the fourth time.
      • He caught pancreatic cancer in 2018 and was admitted in USA and further in AIIMS-Delhi.
      • After suffering from a long illness, India and especially Goa lost him on 17 March 2019 at the age of 63 in Panji.
      • India's president Ramnath Kovind personally announced his death on Twitter. On the evening of 18 March, streets of Panji were flooded with supporters and lovers of Parrikar to catch a final glimpse and bid a final adieu to the departed leader affectionately referred to as “Bhai” across Goa in his last journey. He was cremated with full state honours at Miramar in Panaji.
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