National Museum of Qatar: Architect Jean Nouvel unveils the wonder for public almost after a decade...

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The National Museum of Qatar often known as 'The Desert Rose', will be finally open for public this 28th March 2019. It's located at the Doha's Corniche, faces the Persian Gulf on South of Doha's Corniche.

It aims to make Qataris celebrate their rich culture and heritage, following their sparkling future.

Situated in the heart of the Doha city, is a restored old Qatar National Museum.

old Qatar museum
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Jean Nouvel, the Pritzker Prize-winning architect has designed it. The building resembles the shape of Desert Rose found in the Qatari desert and is designed according to the Bedouin tradition.

Its construction was started in 2011, by Hyundai E&C. It was previously gonna reveal in 2016, but some reasons caused it to delay, and finally will open on this 28th. The construction expenditure is $434 mn (total cost).

The structure contains several interlocked disks and rises on the bank of Al Corniche Street facing the seashore of Persian Gulf, can be accessed by one vehicular & two pedestrian bridges.

The New National Museum of Qatar 
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Its special design and arrangement of disks make cavities which protects the visitors from the desert's heat.

The whole museum campus covers the area of  1.5 million sq.feet, will have a landscape park, and an Artificial lagoon alongside a 220-seat auditorium, restaurants, cafe, food forum, a research centre and a museum shop. Museum's parking has a capacity of  400 vehicles.

The museum has eleven interlinked galleries narrating Qatar in three interrelated themes namely: The Beginning, Life in Qatar and Building the Nation. The entire museum could be toured by covering a 1.5 km long route.

The audio-visuals and artefacts are used to merge the displayed themes roughly in one show.

The Beginning chapter will portray Desert's and Persian gulf's history, Bedouin culture and ancient tribal war artefacts. Forwardly the discovery of oil and formation of Qatar state is displayed.

The royal treasure commodities like architecture elements, archaeological items, textile, jewellery, books, historical records, heritage household things, etc are displayed in the museum.

Qatar is also looking forward to host the 2022 FIFA world cup, and several stadiums having mesmerising and breathtaking designs are constructed countrywide. The people worldwide are also excited to visit them.

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